Our Hemp Story

Prairie Products, LLC was founded in 2017 by a small group of North Dakota locals who saw great potential in hemp. We knew that hemp had the potential to change not only our communities but the world. We didn’t just want to be part of this field, though. We wanted to be part of a movement. We wanted to participate in the massive effort to bring back a crop and its extracts that had gotten a bad rap over the years.

Hemp is known for its sustainability, its versatility, its potential economic and healing benefits. How many crops can boast about having such an impact? Only one: hemp. Obviously, we were sold, but we still did our due diligence. We quickly learned that our expertise was in extracting a premium extracted hemp oil from intentionally sourced hemp biomass that met our stringent specifications (link to a page on this). Our overall goal was to ensure that processing extracted hemp products was safe for our workers, our consumers, our communities and the environment. We’re proud to have accomplished this.

However, apparently extracting high quality crude wasn’t all that fate had in store for us. This wasn’t on our radar in the beginning. However, we were quickly alerted that this was our next step after conversation after conversation with family, friends, and the general public kept telling us the same things over and over again. Everyone wanted to reap the benefits of extracted hemp, but they needed to know that it was safe, and the product labels were true with extra bonus points if it supported local and regional economies.

Consumers wanted a premium product made from premium hemp extracts. So, we developed a tried, true, and triple-tested extracted hemp product from seed to shelf so that our clients could not only have peace of mind, but a healthier body to boot.

To sum it all up: we believe in hemp. We hope you do too.